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Vesta used to be a thriving domestic space colony, a place that many people called home. Those days, and those people, have long passed. Malevolent forces laid siege to the colony, and now the only things that live there are the combat drones left behind.
You are an autonomous combat android, sent into Vesta with one purpose: destroy all the hostile machines and make Vesta a safe haven again.

Vesta: Absolution offers two approaches to combat. Run and gun in the ranged stance to take down foes from a distance, or go head-on in the melee stance to stagger enemies and lock them in a deadly combo. Switch between stances at will to suit your surroundings!

Our Team

Brian Patterson
Austin Huffman
Chris Budden

Release date Apr 25, 2019
AuthorBrian Patterson
Made withUnity
TagsRobots, Sci-fi, Space, Third-Person Shooter
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file on this page and extract its contents to a directory of your choice on your computer. In the Vesta_Absolution folder, run Vesta Absolution.exe to play the game.


Vesta: Absolution 486 MB

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