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Work together with a partner to solve a gauntlet of puzzles in this short and sweet game. In each room, neither of you will have access to the full picture; instead, one player will have the puzzle, and the other will have the solution. The challenge comes from how well the two of you can communicate without being able to see each other's screens. Trust and listen to each other, and you'll be fine...

Note: Before starting the game, please read SettingUp.pdf, included with the download. This is needed to have our intended experience with the game.

Roses Are Red is an award-winning game! It took second place in the Undergraduate Capstone category at Kennesaw State University's spring 2019 computing showcase.
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I recommend only reading further once you have played the game.

Roses Are Red serves a greater purpose than being a simple cooperative puzzle game. It is also a game about color-blindness. When playing the game, we encourage players to put their screens back-to-back, so that each can only see their own side. This is to prevent players from learning that they are afflicted with deuteranopia and tritanopia, respectively. In truth, the solution to every puzzle in Roses Are Red is to match colors, but this is impossible because the players do not perceive color in the same way. Our hope is that, through the communication struggles players will face, they can come to a better understanding of the difficulties of being color-blind.

Our Team

Brian Patterson -- Lead Game Designer, Puzzle Programmer
Adam Woods -- Asset Manager, Hint UI, Programmer
Chris Budden -- Audio and Post-Processing Manager, Programmer
Dillon Smith -- Level Designer
Zared Redding -- Player Interaction and UI, AI Programming and Design

Release date Apr 25, 2019
AuthorBrian Patterson
Made withUnity
TagsCo-op, Local Co-Op, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Playstation controller
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2

Install instructions

To play Roses Are Red, first download RosesAreRed.zip, attached on this page. Extract the files to your computer.
Before playing the game, please read the set-up instructions (SettingUp.pdf) that are included with the download. This is needed to have our intended experience with the game.
After finishing the set-up, open the folder called "Roses Are Red" and run Roses Are Red.exe.


RosesAreRed.zip 78 MB

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